P / N

  • Walking with Bizz in a familiar school hallway and, not knowing it was a dream, discussing dreams. I was excited to notice that this place had a similar structure to the school I tend to dream about, only reversed, of course. I was very excited about this insight.
  • studying for the mean professor's class
  • kimchee
  • My mother was that woman from SNL and she was cruel. The whole family was crowded around the bathroom sink and she kept snapping at me. Finally I threw the deodorant at her and walked out, then thought that looked cowardly and stood my ground outside the door. The walked over, fuming, and gestured as if she were going to squeeze my right breast. I flinched away, then laughed and said go ahead, it'll be much worse for you. Is that something you'd like to admit afterwards? She wasn't hearing me, she was furious. With one finger she traced a square on my upper chest and neck, looked into my eyes, and I knew she wanted me dead.
  • Kramer got out of the car and asked me if I thought he was clumsy, if he injured himself too often. He was very upset and I tried to soothe him.
  • Dawson's Creek sex involved everybody. The couple paused to let the others come in and help. He had gone limp and one of the other guys gave him a quick handjob to get things working again. He laughed and told her she was the one he would carry out of a burning building, and that getting this handjob reminded him of when he was 4.
  • Walking up my parents' driveway by the family reunion of other people, I saw a man coming toward me in the dark and I knew. I ran toward the house screaming, had just enough time for my mind to detach and look at myself and think when it comes down to it, I'm glad I could run and scream. He yanked me backward, his arm was around my face but not tight enough, at the end of the scream I sank my teeth into his arm and ripped myself out of sleep.
  • The woman and her mother were too shy to step up in the restaurant, they were huddling in the foyer and were angry that no one had come to offer them a table. I shoved them slowly in, they did nto seem to notice they were moving, it was like wheeling a heavy grocery cart.
  • Pete brought me half a bag of white flour and stood there expectantly. I knew there was either something odd in the bag or on the package. I stuck my hand in and felt around while I read the copy on the back. It was something like Rockin Good Surfer Flour and the copy was all in rhyming couplets, about how cool you were if you used this brand. It was funny but something was off, he thought it was funnier than it really was, or was trying to communicate something I wasn't getting.