Here is a composition I wrote for school – must have been first grade. The assignment was to write a page on what we’d done over the holiday. Dig the non-inventive listing method of filling up a page. Of course it would be better if you could see my crazy round handwriting and gigantic commas.

“My Thanksgiving”

My Thanksgiving was really in Wisconsin, but we did celabrate, you know, just eat some turkey and clean up. Well, my Thanksgiving was in Wisconsin, all right. It was fun! We (My dad and me) had it with my cousins, Jenny and Dain. They had cranberry sauce, turkey, date bread, apple bread, poppyseed bread, potato salad, and pecan and pumkin pies, and many other good things. They were so good! We decorated the tree, too. Early, isn’t it? Well, I liked it just the same.

Jessie Pierce

Dec. 22, 1983