Kicked the cat. Didn't mean to; doesn't count.

The kids made a mess (paper glue beads legos) and refused to clean it when I asked. It got taken care of, but they'd made me mad. I gave Becca S. a handful of M&Ms (a rare commodity) and told her not to tell anyone. Becca was just as shitty as the rest of them but also can't keep her mouth shut. Gloated, nyah-nyah. Within minutes, everyone was enraged, and now Becca, age six, has enemies. Ha.

Stole a whole lemon creme cake from fridge at work. This would be a worse evil if

a. it weren't going to go to waste anyway (the school's eyes are always bigger than its collective stomach and lots of food gets thrown out) and

b. there hadn't been seven other lemon creme cakes in there.

Still, putting a cake under my jacket and leaving early through the back door is worth noting.

Evil Rating: 6 of 10.