1. So there's this guy
  2. and my friend likes him.
  3. The women we work with are
  4. positive that he is her
  5. friend, and being kind.
  6. Two of the men we
  7. work with and myself,
  8. believe otherwise.
  9. I've spent time with
  10. him, and know her well. 


  1. She says there's 
  2. something about the
  3. way that he looks at her,
  4. I would call it hungry, 
  5. possessive, and I wonder
  6. what the men we work
  7. with would say, perhaps
  8. they, like me, notice him
  9. staking his claim when 
  10. they see him contemplating her.


  1. For over a year he came
  2. in; Monday through Friday,
  3. regular as clockwork. She
  4. told him she wasn't interested
  5. in a boyfriend, friend zoned
  6. him quite effectively last
  7. November. But he kept
  8. coming around, greeting
  9. her, smiling at her, winking
  10. at her, and nobody else.


  1. Now he stays away. We 
  2. haven't seen him since
  3. September. First she was
  4. sad, then she was a bit
  5. angry, as if he had led 
  6. her on after she lied to 
  7. him about wanting to be
  8. his friend. A note would
  9. help she thought. But she
  10. still hasn't heard from him.


  1. The other day I was standing
  2. near the front desk when I 
  3. overheard my friend discussing
  4. an order with a customer. "He likes
  5. you." I told her. But she shook her
  6. head and went back to talking
  7. about the man she never sees.
  8. Being unable to recognize tension
  9. for what it is, to lean into it, and smile
  10. secretively to yourself when you feel 


  1. the cosmic electricity pass between 
  2. you and that other person regardless
  3. of the distance between you, to
  4. feel the security and tenderness, 
  5. the wild, wicked, and wanton
  6. yet safe and reassuring energy
  7. that emanates from them to you
  8. without anyone else being
  9. wiser. Lack of knowledge cost her dearly,
  10. apparently not all ignorance is blissful