Secretly, as certain dark things are loved. Do you believe in magic? Will you look into my eyes and deny the knowledge of secret green and glowing things? Are there gems that burn with liquid fire smoldering inside you? Does your hand crave a source of eternal light and heat? Have your nostrils inhaled a secret smoke that twines around your mind? Was I the one who melted the ice in your heart and warmed the blood in your veins? Can you feel the heat of my blood? Would you let me heal the scars I see in you? Have you left your mark on me? Are you afraid of me? Did you know that I can read your mind? Your silence says more about you than all the words that pour from your tired hands. Am I in love with the poet inside of you, screaming for release, pushed aside, cast out of your life, denied, rejected, scorned and thriving against your will? Coming out when you least expect it in the eyes of a stranger you thought you knew.

Will I read regret in the bruises under your eyes the morning after a late night conversation? Were you aware that my cruelty exists because you share love and light and laughter not with me but with another? Have your eyes been drawn to a flash of sparks in the night? Did the flame reach towards you as you warmed your hands in mine? How could I keep my hands to myself when you offered me a taste of what could be? Do the days seem empty and meaningless without me? Has your sun grown cold as you watch the calendar mark anniversaries we could have spent together?  Do you recall the way my fingers wrote on your skin? Was my message unclear? Did you misunderstand me and my intentions? Was I the archeologist discovering your hidden secrets? Does my intensity scare you? Is that why you lied to me? Is it? Answer me God damn you.

Ask yourself why you wake in the middle of the night. Is it to check on me and what I might be doing? I know that you have secrets. They seethe behind your eyes. Did you forget that you can not hide from me and what I know? You can turn off the music but you can’t dance without an image of me smiling up at you can you? I wish there was a way to erase the past. I know there will never be anyone else like you. We have had our midnights. We shared the break of day but just as morning chases the night away you, like Judas have kissed me away. I do not doubt that you have forgotten me. I know that you have cleaned me out of your life because we are like peas in a pod. I have relegated certain memories of you to a forgotten corner of my mind. Maybe one day all of this will be as true as the love I had for you. Then again, maybe not.

For Dream V i r u s