Run Jane. Run towards the light, away from darkness. Run because your limbs are sound and strong. Run until the breath of the wind streams past your ears. Run because today is Friday and there will never be another Friday like the one you have today. Run until your cheeks shame the roses. Run towards the fulfillment of dreams. Fly from people who hate. Turn deaf ears to the pessimists. Run down the streets, away from traffic. Run past the forests, heavy with the scent of cedar. Flee to the flower strewn fields. Run past the mailboxes crowded with bills. Run from the weight of possessions, from the smothering emotions of others. Run because you are free.

Run until your feet are sore, your nose is chilled and your lips are chapped. Run until the sun falls from the sky. Build your own dream-filled world where everyone runs from demons. Run from heartache, pain and sorrow. Run until your heart is filled with song. Grab onto your youth with two hands, live life with a vengeance. Be strong, bold and confident. Make mistakes, leave a path for others to follow. Be a trailblazer. Pick up your heels as you run. Leave timidity behind. Distance yourself from the foolhardy. Realize that destiny is just a word. The world is your oyster. You are the pearl illuminating the world around you. Sunshine pales against the bright of your hair. The darkest of times is no match for the light of your smile, the softness of your kiss or the whispers of your voice.

Run until the tears no longer fall. Realize that even your tears are precious to me. Believe in the power of love. Understand that the heart is a muscle. Exercise is good for your heart. You are good for the world. Feel the blood pounding in your chest. Run because you have but one life to live. Embrace the oxygen rich air. Save the memory for times when the air around you is stale and lifeless. Breathe, believe, run, do not waste your time walking. Run until your knees wobble. Run because the ability to run is a gift. Run because freedom is yours and no one can take it away from you. Run until images flash by you. Run to the lake. See the water spreading out before you. Ducks scatter before you, afraid of your feet. Take the stairs down to the beach two at a time Jane.

Run because you can. Run because you love life. Run into the lake. Treasure the water splashing around you. Shiver at the chill. Leave the shore behind. Cut your ties with the land. The further you run, the farther you will go. When you reach the horizon, when the sun ends, when earth merges with sky, when you can no longer run, when the world as you know it no longer exists, when you no longer recognize your body then you’ll know. Only angels were born with wings. Stop running Jane - when you can no longer run, it’s time to spread your wings and fly.