1. When I was a child my
  2. sister and I experimented
  3. with a book of matches 
  4. down in our basement. 
  5. The house had been built
  6. in the previous century,
  7. there was no danger of
  8. anything in our root cellar
  9. catching fire, but I worried 
  10. about our skin and hair.


  1. Fire generates heat, 
  2. it can burn your
  3. food and keep you warm.
  4. Fire management is the
  5. solution, prevention and
  6. caution, rather than 
  7. avoidance, who wants to
  8. be left out in the cold
  9. when you could be scorched,
  10. scarlet, and screaming with desire?


  1. Typically fires start small,
  2. this is one of the reasons
  3. I wasn't particularly scared
  4. when I met him. He was
  5. rather attractive, I love
  6. the color navy although 
  7. he couldn't have known that 
  8. when he chose it that 
  9. morning. He was cool,
  10. that was bad, in a good way.


  1. His skin is smooth, I'm
  2. still not entirely sure what
  3. color his eyes are, having
  4. spent more time trying to
  5. avoid them than losing
  6. myself in their depths.
  7. Hugging him was so easy
  8. at first, I kissed the side
  9. of his cheek and told him
  10. that he was loved... 


  1. There were no sparks,
  2. it was a warm and tender
  3. slightly awkward embrace,
  4. what you might expect
  5. to find between two
  6. people who don't know
  7. each other well. I was
  8. surprised he let me hug
  9. him as he didn't seem like
  10. he wanted anyone to get close.


  1. Distance was a danger I
  2. didn't recognize at the time.
  3. When it seems like someone
  4. isn't into you, either you can
  5. move forward, or you can step
  6. back to evaluate. We were 
  7. talking one day, I was upset,
  8. I reached out for comfort,
  9. and was gratified when I 
  10. felt his left hand on my arm.


  1. There are people who try to be
  2. sexy, some of them actually are.
  3. Sex appeal can be more than just
  4. how someone is built or the contours
  5. of their face. My weakness is sensual
  6. men. Those subtle, skillful creatures
  7. who are hot enough to make water
  8. droplets dance on top of an iron
  9. skillet while retaining an exterior
  10. cool, these men make me melt.


  1. Recently I read an article on energy.
  2. This author's theory was that you
  3. will be attracted to people who have
  4. the opposite type that you do, and I
  5. believe that this is true. A friend of
  6. mine was talking about this guy,
  7. I could tell she wasn't interested in
  8. him and I marveled at the guy she
  9. did like because he was a player;
  10. those people are unnattractive to me.


  1. I like to think about sex as a game
  2. where you can give, you can take,
  3. or you can share. To kiss, to be kissed,
  4. to be kissing, I crave the slow burn,
  5. the building of intensity, the guy who
  6. barely touched my hand when he
  7. could have made a bolder move,
  8. that created a feeling of safety inside
  9. of me and that's the best way to
  10. get a woman like me.


  1. Another article I read said that
  2. men are attracted to women who
  3. feel safe. I have no idea if this is
  4. true or not, what I do know is that 
  5. if a man can make me feel safe, 
  6. I am his for as long as he wants 
  7. me in his life. I will give, I will
  8. take, I will tell him everything,
  9. I will trust him, and I will
  10. forgive him before he apologizes.


  1. Writing someone out of your
  2. life is easy, much easier said,
  3. than done. I enjoy being around
  4. people who make me feel good 
  5. about myself. Safety and security
  6. are very important to me, more
  7. so than money, cars, or even
  8. sports although baseball is a close
  9. second because I feel safe when
  10. the game is going.


  1. His restraint, his caution, his
  2. careful assessment of what
  3. I was thinking and feeling
  4. was so incredibly sexy I
  5. couldn't stand it. He drove
  6. me wild the way an ocean
  7. tosses mermaids around
  8. before gently caressing them,
  9. give me a reason to heat
  10. up very slowly, and I will.


  1. What the future holds is
  2. anyone's guess at this
  3. point in time. Perhaps he
  4. will meet someone else,
  5. it's conceivable that I 
  6. could find a man to rival
  7. him and his expertise. A 
  8. book I read said that 
  9. a man who can make a woman
  10. maybe that's better left, unsaid...