1. When I was a kid my mom worked for a chiropractor.
  2. Going there was a treat for me, it was one of the
  3. few times in my life where I felt like I could breathe.
  4. The only time I went was after an asthma attack.
  5. My back and chest were so tight I couldn't cry.
  6. After I went back to work I tried going to a different
  7. chiropractor. Technical competence wasn't enough
  8. to retain me as a patient, a massage therapist helped
  9. me find someone else & I started referring others to him.
  10. Then I hurt my back at work on a sunny Friday morning.


  1. By the time my shift was done I had pain radiating down 
  2. my left leg. A manager at work seemed skeptical
  3. of my injury claim. Feeling low and in pain I thought
  4. I could go back to a chiropractor I had seen before. I
  5. hadn't liked him, but I was desparate for care. 
  6. Most of my chiropractors have been tall, athletic,
  7. young, and decent looking. I'm used to joking around
  8. with them and hearing about their wives. At first
  9. I ignored the man standing near the counter, then
  10. I learned that he was going to be seeing me.        


  1. For the first time in my life I couldn't look a
  2. practitioner in the eye. He took me back, asked
  3. me a lot of questions, offered to carry my bag,
  4. but nobody touches it except for me. Pride is dumb,
  5. but I hated him for systematically destroying mine.  
  6. While I was laying down on the table he told me
  7. he was glad I had come in when I did. I almost
  8. started crying, but some how managed to breathe.
  9. It was one of the most validating things anyone
  10. has ever said to me and I loved him for that.


  1. The other day my friend was telling me that he's
  2. had good chiropractors. I agreed, mine have 
  3. traditionally helped me tremendously. But before
  4. this I hadn't had anyone who could read my 
  5. emotions the way that this guy can #scary 
  6. You can't be nice to me and expect to get away
  7. with it for long. There were times when I
  8. had longings that I knew were reserved
  9. for the bedroom, the playroom, and other
  10. flat surfaces. He had a right to know so I told him.


  1. I figured he'd pass me off to his boss, but to
  2. my surprise he agreed to keep me as a patient.
  3. Then his boss told me that I was no longer going
  4. to be seeing him. Nothing had happened, but I
  5. understood the logic behind the decision. 
  6. It's one thing to fall for a pretty face and
  7. quite another to find someone who feels
  8. like a soul connection. Yesterday I called the 
  9. front desk to tell them that I wouldn't be
  10. returning as a patient; progress abandoning perfection.


  1. Although he knows where I work, I don't think 
  2. I'm ever going to see him again, that makes
  3. me sad, but I know intuitively that
  4. refusing to let his boss control and degrade 
  5. me was the right thing to have done. 
  6. Morale of my story: when searching for
  7. the very best in chiropractic care
  8. make sure that your new provider
  9. reduces the pain in your low back and neck
  10. without leaving a fresh hole in your heart.