Day eight: Last night we let the girls stay up late. They danced in the living room while we were waiting for the coconut macaroons to finish baking. The flavor was perfect, but we have to work on the texture as they were very crumbly. I made soup for the girls yesterday and they both gave it very positive reviews which was nice. I made some stock, but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped it would. Today I head back to the chiropractor. He thinks that my back is better than it was although the lower right is still very inflamed. I've been better about icing it, but probably not as good as I could be about it.

I had a very good evening yesterday. We had a strange supper that was bits and pieces of things we had in the fridge. I'd like for us to be better about planning meals so we're not constantly running to the store, but that takes time, and I'm glad that we're trending in the generally right direction. There are two friends of mine who give me feedback about what I write. I'm really grateful for the friends that I have, and my ability to make them easily. It's strange that the better my mood, the less I want to write. I feel the need to try and figure things out when I'm upset or down, and today I don't feel either of those things so this will be very short, but I wanted to be faithful to my streak.

Take care,