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Todd Dean Mark McFarlane
Born: March 16, [1961]
[Calgary], [Alberta], [Canada]

Todd started drawing [comics] at 18, shortly after he started collecting them. He got his first professional job from [Steve Engelhart] on [Marvel]/[Epic]'s [Coyote] #11; but this didn't happen until he'd sent out about 700 sample packages.

"I mailed nearly every comic company in existence, someone finally cracked." - Todd McFarlane

He can rough out a page of artwork in about 20 minutes using a non-reproduction blue pencil. Todd does very little pencilling, however, and prefers inking with a [Hunt's] mapping point 102 tip and black india ink. It takes him about four hours to complete a drawing.

Todd's career began in relative obscurity with his work on [Coyote], [Invasion] and [Infinity Inc.] His ability to put out quality work in a timely manner opend the door for his work on [The Incredible Hulk]. Todd's run on the [Hulk] started his incredible rise to popularity. He's most famous for his run on [The Amazing Spider-man], particularly issues featuring [Venom].

In [1990] Todd released an all new [Spider-man] series which at the time was the biggest selling issue of all time.

"Draw with a purpose. [practice makes perfect|Repetition is boring but necessary in order to improve]. Be honest with yourself in evaluating your work."

Personal Favourites:
Movies: [The Color Purple], [Beaches], [When Harry Met Sally]
Foods: [Mexican], [broccoli], [artichokes]
Athletes: [Wayne Gretzky], [Nolan Ryan]
Comic Artists: [Mike Golden], [Frank Miller]

Source: [Image] Plus #1