never had a dog. don't enjoy nickelback. don't know the meaning of a dollar. it's a warm, windy and clear night; the 10 minutes spent in it witnessed the beginning and end of a light rainfall. the best.

they're playing 'never again' by nickelback for the third time; it's pretty catchy. wish my own music would get that kind of airplay, i'm certain it would catch on. if you repeat something enough times, people will begin to believe in it. how many times have you heard that? nickelback is very popular.

nickelback is very popular:

this phrase developed as my symbol of the decline of civilization. use it to explain or sympathize with examples of the stupidity of humanity or homogenous nature of commercial society.
YOU: Why can't you get any movies made before 1990 at blockbuster? Just because it's old doesn't mean it's not worth watching. That's fucking stupid.

ME: Nickelback is very popular.
and that's how it works.

taken to writing daily nodes like this one to practice and improve my writing. you might find interesting one new technique i've been experimenting with: after i finish writing a paragraph or so, i go through and remove superfluous references to myself in the form of 'i'. eg. "i never had a dog" will become "never had a dog". not sure if this is actual improvement, but it's interesting nonetheless. in fact while doing that i end up removing all sorts of awkward words and punctuation.

"Repetition helps build familiarity, which in turn helps build credibility. Some prospects will start to recognize your company and products only after they've seen them over and over again. Gradually they come to recognize that your company is stable, not just another fly-by-night operation, and will eventually start to develop enough trust to start doing business with you."

The Rule of Repetition: How It's Crippling Your Marketing Efforts if You're Not Using It!
By Marty Foley

tonight is my sixth night shift in a row. seven nights, twelve hours a night, what the fuck am i doing? i can't imagine what this was like before the creation of 'the weeb'. Here's a blurb from some advertising received from today:
"Duncan Sheik is On a High

Duncan Sheik's "Daylight" is a sure-thing forecast! The all-new album was written entirely by Sheik and produced by Patrick Leonard (Madonna, Jewel, Elton John), including the irresistible first single, "On A High."

Experience "On A High" today!"
they repeat the name of the single 3 times.
"Other unfortunate things can happen."

The Rule of Repetition: How It's Crippling Your Marketing Efforts if You're Not Using It!
By Marty Foley