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This is Jerenda's user page. She is a chick who writes about weird fantasy subjects for her own entertainment. If you like her work, she is grateful and will write more someday. She should probably stop speaking in third person.

*shakes head vigorously* There. I'm writing my first thingymabobberwhatchamacallit in first person and that made me get all mixed up. ^_^ I will eventually have something worth reading to show y'all. Until then, it's hiding on her- I mean my scratchpad.

Things I commonly write about are:
Vampires (the dangerous kind not the Twilight kind)
Various mythological creatures with no degree of certainty
Nirvana, who in this context is not a kind of heaven but instead my most dangerous vampire.
My version of the universe called the Aeons
The various strange organizations and people I have made up who rule the worlds.
A million other random subjects that stick in my mind.
Did I mention I write vampires? No? Well, I do. ^_^

Also, this (^_^) is my favorite smiley and I will use it all the time. It is a happy face. Those who do not get the smiley should not speak. Those who take me seriously should be shot. Seriously. ^_^