A very, VERY dark television show on FOX, circa 1996. Starred Adrian Pasdar as Jim Profit, a young executive (vice-president of some department, and was trying to blackmail his way to the top) in a fairly large business, set (I believe), in NYC. Lasted for four shows in America (and I believe, with teasers -- "Profit will return in two weeks, here are the scenes from the next episode").

I was hooked.

There aren't too many television shows I'd watch then or now, but that was one of them. The anti-hero approach has never been done to a great extent. Profit was the kind of the person who you absouletly hate, but you still cheer for -- a dark man with a very disturbing past.

One of the episodes, if I recall corectly, had to do with a co-worker visiting a psychiatrist. I believe there was some type of affair between the shrink and this woman, and Profit found out about this. He was able to blackmail the psychiatrist to implant some false memories or fears into the woman, in order to accomplish one of his goals. While I do not remember the specifics of the episode, it was written brilliantly, as were all four that aired in the US.

Jim Profit's condo/home/apartment was lavisly done, with a HUGE aquarium set in a wall. At the end of each night/episode, he'd write some stuff on his computer (imagine a Dark Doogie Houser), press a switch on the wall, go into a secret room behind the tank, and fall alseep, naked, inside a small cardboard box, which was branded with the logo of the company he worked for. This box had symbolism from his past, but due to the fact that fox cancelled the show way too early in it's life, I don't think we ever found out what that symbolism was.

If anyone knows of any way I could get videotapes of the 4 US episodes, or all of the episodes that were aired overseas, please, /msg me. I'd be more than delighted to see how close the show mirrors my personal experiences in the world of business.