Suicide is not a solution. It's a problem. It's an epidemic. Problems are not solutions -- basic high school Science!

Suicide is a permanent end to temporary problems. Note the irony in this.

Killing yourself will not solve your problems. Your problems will still exist, only they will no longer be your own. You may not feel the burden any more, but your friends, family, loved ones, and even your acquaintances, the people who you barely know, even people who you DO NOT know, will still feel it!

It's dumb! Even for the religious, we cannot say with any certainty that we are positive what happens to us when we die. Life is a gift! Why throw it away? Do something with it! If you don't like the way it's going, CHANGE IT! Run away, stay home. Meet some new people, get reacquainted with some old friends. Listen to music, enjoy silence. Just don't brood on whatever is hurting you!

- If you're lonely, talk to people. If you believe you have nobody to talk to, you're wrong. If you only want to talk to one person, and cannot, then get over it, and talk to someone else!
- If you're conscious about your body/self image, exercise.
- If you're conscious about your intelligence, read books. Take classes.
- If you have a problem with an addiction, seek help.
- If you're feeling angry, get it out! Get a canvas, some paint, and annihilate the canvas with your emotions! Don't turn your rage inwards. Don't turn it against others. Turn it against something that's incapable of feeling pain. Use your imagination! You're so creative in thinking of ways of killing yourself, why not think of a way of getting your hostility out without hurting anyone? Including yourself?

People call suicide "the final resort" -- when there's nothing else, there's suicide.

That's bullshit. Because you know why? To be a final resort, it has to be a resort in the first place, it has to be an option.


There is nobody here who wants to see you leave -- embrace life. Find out what it is about life that makes it worth living. For some, this is a life long process. For others, the despair wins out and they give up to easily. Don't give up. Never give up.

Brought to you by the coalition of people who are against you killing yourself.

I'm not arguing with anyone on this topic. I made a serious mistake for not checking "Don't Display in New Writeups".