The only computer speakers you'll ever need. Really.

A computer speaker package that comes in a 4.1 setup (two front channel speakers, two rear channel speakers, and one subwoofer, the sound produced by these speakers is nothing short of exceptional. The speakers are THX Certified, which is surprising, given their nature as computer speakers. The 400 comes from the total output of the system. Each satellite speaker has an output of 60 watts RMS, and the subwoofer has an output of 160 watts.

The audio quality from this system, as stated previously, is phenomenal. However, the system is not without it's caveats. Klipsch, despite being manufacturers of high quality audio systems, have had little experience in the computer speaker market. As such, there are several features that are sorely missing, including a headphone jack, a microphone jack, and inexplicably, a power on/off switch. These speakers stay on unless unplugged (however, according to documentation, have a standby mode they go into when inactive). Another common problem is the amount of noise produced by the speakers. Many users (including myself), have noted that when the speakers are not in use, they still put out quite a bit of static. This is noticeable even from about a 4-5 foot distance from the speakers, at minimum volume.

Despite the few flaws, the quality of these speakers is well worth the price. With the more complex audio systems being supported by today's sound cards, a 5.1 system (4 satellite speakers and one center channel speaker) would be preferable, but the 4.1 system by Klipsch is by far one of the best speaker systems.

They're not cheap. Investing in one of these systems will set one back $250, which is quite a bit of money considering that many computer speakers can be had for $10-$20, and high quality systems are typically $150 or less.

IMHO, the money is well worth it.