Sometime this morning, I returned from a party. I was completely wiped, and thought that sleep would come extremely easy.
Unfortunately, this proved to not be the case. While lying in bed, I felt the distant rumble of loud rap music. The longer I laid in bed, the louder it became. It was 1:00.

3:00: I'm still awake. By now, my mind has formed theories on what's going on. Yes, I know. Some drunken frat boy came back from one of his parties, and decided to blare his music at full volume. He has no roommate, or his roommate is home for the weekend. As a result: aural freedom.

5:00: I know what's going on. Whoever this guy is, he left without turning his music off. Yes, it's the only reason. He knows that I need to wake up at 9:00 to get ready for an outing this morning. I'm sure he knows, even though attempts to locate his domicile have failed. He knows exactly who I am, and how to torture me. His absence has caused a lack of individuals capable of turning off his stereo system, and as a result, it echoes through the hollow plaster walls.

7:00: I've become jealous of those who live behind the concrete bricks. They have no one to interrupt their sleep. It must be beautiful, the silence within. Four suitemates are in such rooms. They must be disposed of, and I shall claim their rooms as my own.

I'm hypersensitive to bass. No sleep makes will either make me insane, or elevates me to untold depths of creativity.

Stay awake as long as possible, and provide updates on current mental condition.

9:00 AM EST - I'm seeing life at 15 fps. I move my hand, there's a trail. I turn around quick enough, and I see myself turning. The walls seem to have a life of their own, except for the plaster wall in my bedroom. That wall is pure evil, a tumor amongst the good concrete walls.

No noticeable hallucinations, yet.

2:27 PM EST - The music is still playing, it would seem that sleep is quite impossible at this juncture, so I'll abstain. Noticeable mental effects include increased concentration, and an increased sensory reception.

5:20 PM EST - The situation has been resolved. The music was on very, very faint, but due to the position of the subwoofer, it rattled straight through the wall into my room. The owner of the system wasn't even home. Senses getting duller, eyelids heavy. Zero appetite.

Diet tip: if you want to lose weight, don't sleep. But don't come running to me when the psychological detriments outweigh the physical benefits.

8:49 PM EST - The music is long gone. My foot itches from the inside. Frequent attempts to scratch it only yield the theory that the itch lay well buried in the foot itself.

Note to self: don't try to rub out stains on wet khaki with any uncovered appendages. The effect created is very much like a burn, only without the blistering.

11:15 PM EST - With silence, darkness, fatigue, and the midterms looming on the horizon, my mind can take no more.

Interesting note: it was quite difficult to get to sleep last night, even with the 40+ running hours. The difficultly to get to sleep after an extended amount of time awake can probably be gauged in an inverted parabolic curve. 40+ seemed to be near the plateau of this curve.

Physical Observations
Messy hair
Red eyes
Dark spots under red eyes
Increased response to temperature variations

Total uptime
41 hours

Estimated time to crashing