9:12a EST - Another day much in the same vein as yesterday. Sleep is still at a minimum, thanks to my roommate. Went to bed at 11:45, fell asleep shortly after, woke up around 1:00 from roommate making noise, who refused to go to bed, no matter how many telepathic "go to bed already damnit!"'s I shot at him. Something tells me my telepathy isn't quite up to par. Didn't fall back asleep until 3. That's okay, I'll have my revenge. I'm sure he doesn't like being woken up at 5:30, nor will he like being woken up at 5:30 for the next two weeks. All I have to do is find a way to make sure it's not intentional. Maybe I'll make an excuse about not being able to wake up to alarm clock very well, and set it to the ultra-super-high-blow-your-ears-out-at-150-db alarm setting. The thing's loud enough as it is, and it goes much louder. Have you ever heard one of those crime deterent alarms that many women carry around with them? The kind that when activated, will kill small birds flying in the sky? That's about the same volume this alarm clock can get to on high. Very effective. Very cruel. Very necessary.

Latest flash project coming along well. Lack of communication is preventing me from proceeding any further until an unscheduled meeting takes place this morning, or afternoon. If the meeting doesn't take place, I shall have no recourse but to sit at my desk and browse the net. And node.

3:15p EST - Day's turning out better. These Sony Vaio thin notebooks are leet. Too bad I have to be a full time employee if I ever had a chance to get one. The Exec's on the top floor have an even nicer one -- the ones they have are wide screen, built in camera (either for their kids to play with, or for vtc'ing, I really can't figure out which one), and very small. The ones I'm setting up aren't bad either, although the colors look like something out of, well, I can't think of anything that really exclusively uses pastel purple and grey.

Going home in about an hour, something tells me I'm gonna end up falling asleep on the bus and miss my stop. Which means that I'll end up in Camden. Without my wallet. Or pants.

5:48p EST - I made it home. Yup. No Camden for me. Now I why can't I find my pants?