After 20 years of wearing corporate logos in whatever place they felt like showing them, I have finally gotten to a point where you cannot tell what style of clothing I am wearing by looking at me. Of course, this does not mean that all my clothing is devoid of logos, they're just not in apparent places. A person wouldn't typically pull the back of the neck of your shirt out to find out who makes said shirt, would they? Nor would they be in a hurry to look on the bottom of my shoes.

I have never liked the idea of walking billboards, people in Tommy Hilfiger clothing (especially jackets) crack me up to no end.

But now that I've finally gotten to a point where all of my clothing doesn't display the names or logos of the associated designer/corporation prominently, I couldn't be happier. We're subjected to thousands upon thousands of advertisements, the last thing we really need to do is WEAR them. Companies know that we're fools, and will do this readily. Just about any person I know would take a free t-shirt that has a huge Nike logo on it. They love this! It costs them $2,000,000 to advertise for 30 seconds during the super bowl. But they MAKE money by having you wear their clothing. Maybe I'm one of the few who sees the irony in this. Would you pay $20 to watch an hour's worth of banner ads? Radio spots? Anyone?

I doubt it.

So why do we tolerate this on our clothing?

I know why, and I don't agree with this either: image. It's "popular" to wear Tommy jeans, or cK t-shirts. But why? Who makes them popular? We just as readily put on these garments as we would turn off a television commercial.

What irony.

*n.b. Yes, I know it's hard, if you see someone who is wearing a shirt you wouldn't mind owning, to find out who makes it without the logo. Well, a quick suggestion - ask them.

*no comply -- I wasn't referring to the style of clothing, or the brand name. I couldn't care less whether or not you wore a suit or went naked. I'm talking about the advertising. I'm not going to wear a shirt with a huge Tommy logo because I don't believe in whoring myself out as an advertiser. If something's exceptionally good, I'll advertise by word-of-mouth, which is how most people should. You missed the point.