This is true for ANYONE who lives in a big city. There are too many costs and risks associated with owning a car in a metropolis. Not that I'm an advocate of everyone taking the bus or subway or train or plane or boat to school/work in the morning.

It's just that I've decided that I don't need one.
Not necessary.

The headaches involved far outweigh any advantages. Unless you commute regularly to obscure places way out of town, there's really no need. If you live in the city itself, as opposed to in the 'burbs, you have the added disadvantage of worrying about whether or not your car will be there the next morning, hour, minute, second. ("Damnit, I turn around, and it's gone!")

The costs far outweigh any benefits as well. If you're leasing a car, that's anywhere from $150-$450 a month for a decent automobile. Add in maintenance, which averages out to close to $50 a month (figger that you're gonna need tune ups every 4-5 years or so at $1000-$5000 a pop, transmission work, and the like, and you'll need to save up). Gas? Oh yea, get your Hummer, and you'll be paying close to $65 per fillup. Which, with Hummers and their abysmal gas mileage, is quite often. Even the little Metros still require gas.

And electric cars?
How about making an affordable electric car. Aren't electric cars still upwards of $30-$40 grand? Even the Insight, a hybrid, is close to $20,000. And you'll still be paying for gas!

Factor in insurance (for a driver under 25), and I'm suddenly looking at $350-$800 a month. Just on a car.

Even if I get an old car, I'm still gonna get screwed over with maintenance, insurance, and gas costs. Plus, I'll pay all at once, instead of little at a time. Just means I'll be blowing more money sooner.

And living off of Ramen for a few months while I recoup the investment.

No, right now, I'm satisfied with public transportation. It's nice enough outside to let me walk the 25-30 blocks after getting off the bus, and when I'm really in a hurry, the subway->bus combo can get me to work in around an hour. Plus, I can sleep through most of the trip. I can't do that in a car.

The costs are fairly low too. I pay $76 a month for my bus pass, and around $20 for the 18 tokens I need a month for one way subway rides. That's quite a bit of money I'm saving, all of which helps me stay in school.

And away from Ramen.