• Ever fight crime with a slurpee powered lightsaber? Last night, I did. The damn thing didn't work right, either. It kept running out of power (slurpee), forcing me to go back into the house to refill it with more orange flavored slurpee. The fact that the base of the lightsaber was a 40 oz. paper cup didn't help much either.

    My partner in crime fighting (my boss) was lucky. He had the real thing. He didn't need a cup, and his was powered by lime slurpee. Unfortunately, he was lazy, and didn't show up to kick ass until the very end. And once the ass was kicked, I realized that I wasn't fighting crime at all, but watching a movie.

  • In the new home, there were security cameras in each room. Each and every room. I was going to throw a sock over the one in mine, but I didn't have any socks.

  • Taking the course Breakfast 101, being offered by an old Army drill instructor.

  • I broke into my old dorm. I was able to enter by going through one of two backdoors into the basement. People were looking at me weird, but that was to be expected, I suppose. The basement was relatively quiet, but the first floor was holding some type of dinner event. I entered the elevator and went to the floor where I used to live. Before being able to enter my old room, I chickened out, ran back to the elevator, and got out of the building as quickly as possible, worrying whether or not I tripped any of the security alarms.