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  • I was walking amongst the dorms. They're so pretty, this time of year, so elegant. Something out of Escher, where the front of the building is modern, the back is Victorian, and the two connect to each other in a moebius loop. Why don't people use this conference room? It's so nice in here, antique furniture, large bookshelves. It seems like something out of a brochure. Oh, and it's 120 degrees F inside, as well.

  • There was an incident on the stage. Something happened, in which a little brat triggered a vulture attack, which released toxic gasses, which caused the small child on stage to become unconscious. The lights were dim; I could hardly see a thing, except a reddish haze over everything within.. My Biology professor came up, and quarantined the area. As the gasses settled, I could see that there was more than just one small child on the stage. There were 2, no, 3, no, 7, all sprawled on the stage. I was too afraid to help them. They were probably already dead, and it was my fault, because I didn't do anything to help.