Cold Prickly / Warm Fuzzy

  • I was back home. Driving down Keller mountain, we realize that we forgot something. I volunteer to get out of the car, and walk part of the way while my dad goes back for it, whatever it was. I have my dog with me. I'm carrying my dog down the road, and he never shows back up. I eventually make it into my old neighborhood, where I used to live, and see an old friend's mom. My dad is back, and tells me that two of the Hawaiian islands might slip into the sea. This doesn't deter my efforts to go to church, and somehow I make it there alone, 45 minutes late, with my dog. Suddenly, I'm in Wisconsin, and I see my mom and my stepfather. They tell me that my dog is in the white car over near the end of the parking lot, so I drive over to get him. We hear a report on the news that the Hawaiian islands are safe, it was just a false alarm.