Red / Blue

  • 12:00 Nap Dream - Me, Chris, and Nando are sitting in my kitchen. It's very clean. I have the package that has been sitting on my desk for the past 3 weeks -- a DVD. I know what movie it is, but since I already have that movie, I haven't opened it. But someone points out that the box says Batman on it, so I open it, and it's suddenly Batman. Only it's not Batman, but the making of some special about Batman, or something close to that. The important thing is that it's a four-part series. Of course, I don't remember buying this, so I try to cancel this new subscription. However, included with the DVD is a puzzle of papers, advertisements, and stickers. I have to put the right stickers on the right papers and advertisements to successfully unsubscribe, which seems to be a task more difficult than disarming a bomb.

  • 12:00 Nap Dream - Someone is insisting to me that my name is Jeff. After showing him my driver's license, which is made of candy, I give up. Suddenly my name is legally changed to Jeff, and everyone starts calling me as such. I don't get to eat my driver's license.