There was some kind of celebration going on. I believe only my sister, and a mystery relative were there. There was wine, and I decided to have a few drinks. The scenery seemed to change from a middle floor of some skyscraper that was under construction, which happened to be located in the middle of nowhere, to some other place which I don't think I really can describe. Now the weird thing was the wine, because I don't drink . I decided it was a huge celebration of some sort, even though there were only 2 people there.

I had 2 drinks, a white whine (which tasted half sweet and half disgusting), and a red whine (which was really thick and sweet). I was expecting that would be enough to feel a buzz, but all that happened is that it became harder to concentrate on any given detail, and even then, not so much so.

Some other stuff happened which I really don't remember at all. Something that happened on a wheat field (that I also don't remember very well), then I woke up to my roommate blowing his nose very loudly, which seems to happen whenever he wakes up before me (which luckily, only occurs on the weekends).

Oh, and I also woke up Sunday it was Sunday, not Saturday. Perhaps my dream took place on a Saturday?