I'm wondering how well I could play Ota.

Dubbed Me: "Fukui-san!"
Dubbed Fukui: "Yes?"
Dubbed Me: "Iron Coder Akil says that his database is nearly completed, and now has 550 queries, 3500 tables, 75000 records, several triggers, and multiple relationships!"
Dubbed Fukui: "Wow! That sounds like it's going to be quite a database!"
Dubbed Judge Mindless Actress: "Ooh, I can't wait! tee-heehee!"

1:15 PM EST - Not half bad. I'm back to my old schedule. I forgot how much of a killer that extra hour in the morning was in comparison to the day off at the end of every two weeks. I know I like the current schedule so much more (leaving at 6:45, as opposed to 5:45). The bus ride to work, for some inexplicable reason, is longer as well.

I can never complain about more sleep.

This afternoon is going to be fairly enjoyable as well. Burning CD's, reading nodes, planning ideas to decorate the box of the Ghettoserv. Anyone know where I can pick up a black light to mount inside my case?

Nah, maybe I won't go that far.

I miss having a car. Constantly wondering if I would come outside the next morning and find it stolen, or crashed into was never fun, but I need something to get me around this overly-large city I call home. Just something inexpensive, yet quick. I don't need something that goes 140 mph, although I wouldn't mind if I could go from 0-80 in 7-8 seconds. Something that won't kill me with insurance or car payments, yet still feels comfortable and dependable to drive.

But mostly something that doesn't smell like urine (unlike my current modes of transportation).

I've narrowed down my "wish list" to a few different cars:

  • Nissan Maxima - 96-99, during the era when the body style was exceptionally good
  • Honda Civic - any after 95 are relatively good, plus, the older ones can be had for pretty cheap these days
  • Toyota Tacoma - Because everyone loves trucks

But I really need to start saving some cash. The Ghettoserv is going to take a nice chunk of cash out of my wallet. Plus, the bills are due soon. Tuition's coming up, classes are starting, I'm going to have zero free time, ahhhh!

And I realize, I'm no better off with a car than I am without one.