And leave it to me to get lost driving 4 blocks from where I live.

I will be glad once I say bye to my dad's car (as he takes it back this afternoon). I've nearly sideswiped a semi, and several other cars with it. Not that I'm a bad driver (I have 4 accidents to prove that wrong, but the last one occured over 3 years ago), it's just that I'm so unaccustomed to Philly traffic. It's a hell of alot easier being a pedestrian around here, even if it is slower. And more dangerous. And hotter. And smellier.

Either I've forgotten how to drive, or everyone else is insane.

12:44 PM EST - Last day I'll be able to drive. Shame too, I really liked waking up at 6:30. Nice change of pace from the time I previously left the dorm -- at an hour where only drunken frat boys were walking around campus. Ah, what nice mornings those were! But alas.

I once joked around with a friend of mine who used to work here that one day I'd finally go into one of the network closets (8 across the building, only me and one other person has the key), and take a nap. Well, today looks like it may be that day! But nah, of course I won't. People will notice my absence.


After taking 45 minutes with a person trying to set up his Exchange server mail account (only to find out that his network connection didn't even work!), I felt drained. And ya know what? This guy has OUR PHONE NUMBER. We were not hired to do phone support, and yet, here we are. This is because they ABUSED all the previous tech support people at their facility. Nobody will help them now. Except the lowly interns.

Oh why won't it rain today?

That's what I could use right about now. A big old thunderstorm, cutting off the power to the building. No power? No computers, no telephones. Watch the office slow to a crawl.

And then I can finally take that nap.