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DOB: 2/17/1979
Place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Residence: (Birth-age 4) Lincoln, KY
(4-Now) Cave City, KY
(1997-2001) Lexington, KY, University of Kentucky campus
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 0" (1.83m)
Weight: 290

Grade School: Park City Elementary, Park City, KY. Class of 1993
High School: Barren County High School, Glasgow, KY. Class of 1997
College: University of Kentucky. Class of 2001

1992-1993 Basketball Videographer, Park City Elementary, Park City, KY
1994-1994 Ice Shaver, Ridgetop Lake, Cave City, KY
1995-1996 Haunted House Operator, Mammoth Cave Wax Museum, Cave City, KY
1995-1997 Basketball Videographer, Barren County High School, Glasgow, KY
1996-1997 Cook/Dishwasher Pizza Hut, Glasgow, KY
1998-1998 Control Desk Operator, Collins Bowling Centers, Lexington, KY
1998-1999 Resident Advisor, Keeneland Hall, UK, Lexington, KY
1999-2000 Night Desk Clerk, UK, Lexington, KY
1999-2000 Installation and Repair Techinician, ResNET, UK, Lexington, KY
2000-2000 Bindery Material Handler, RR Donnelley and Sons, Glasgow, KY
2000-2000 Lab Consultant, Student Compuuting Services, UK, Lexington, KY
2001-2001 Content Producer, Ihigh Inc. Lexington, KY

Clubs and Affiliations:
Elementary School:
Jr. Beta Club
Little League Baseball
Little League Football
Junior High Football
Academic Team
High School:
Beta Club
Academic Team
Foreign Language Club
UK Linux Users Group (UKLUG)
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS)

Major Events:
August 2001: Moved Back in with parents. (Damned job market!)
May 2001: Graduated with a Bachellors of Science in Biology from the University of Kentucky.(Yippie!)
Feburary 2001: Laid off from Ihigh, Inc. (Damned Dot-Bombs!)
August 2000: Moved in with 4 of my closest friends to my first house.(Who wants a beer?)
August 2000: A friend, Chris Martin drowns (RIP)
May 2000: Moved back in with parents after 33 months in the Dorms (Bummer!)
Feburary 2000: 21st birthday. (Fucking Jagermeister!)
Fall 1999: Running battle with new hall director, former bosses over stupid dorm policies. (Fucking UK Residence Life!)
August 1999: Back as a regular resident in Keeneland Hall, on 1-East. (Annyone want a cold beer?)
May 1999: Moved into the virgin vault, Donovan Hall.(I wonder if I P Freely still keys up on the door control?)
May 1999: Removed from my RA position due to slipping grades.(Perhaps I shouldn't have took 19 hours?)
August 1998: Assume my position as Resident Advisor on 3-East of Keeneland Hall (Guys, if you are screwing after hours, make sure she has something in her mouth.)
July 1998: Justin and Richey Caffee, younger brothers of a friend, Amy Caffee, die, contemplating leaving school.
May 1998: Move into Blazer Hall, shared room with a real live pot dealer (I need doritos man, I going through withdrawal!)
April 1998: UK wins NCAA Men's basketball championship, 15000 people crowd Woodland and Euclid (Show your Tits, Show your Tits!)
December 1997: Lose second half of UK Freshman Achievement scholarship (No big loss, my grades will get better.)
August 1997: Moved away from home to UK, lowly freshman into Haggin Hall. (Anyone want a cold one.)
May 1997: Graduated from Barren County High School with a Commonwealth Diploma (Highest level in Kentucky)
May 1997: Take AP English and Calculus AB test (3 and 2, respectively)
May 1997: Named to Trans Financial Bank Hall of Fame
May 1997: Given Air Force Recruitng Math and Science Award, Varsity Acdademic Team MVP)
April 1997: Named winner of National Merit/RR Donnelley and Sons Special Scholarship ($4000/yr)and UK Freshman Achievement ($1500/1 year) scholarships.
March 1997: Competed in State Governors Cup Competition in Social Studies and General Knowledge written competitions.
March 1997: Traveled with BCHS Girls Varsity Basketball Team to Sweet 16 in Frankfort.
Feburary 1997: 18th Birthday, registered to vote and with Selective service after school