From The Book of Yelps and Growls translated by the Count Florian von Banier.

The Portrait Archive

A young scribe was sent by his master, the renowned cryptic cryptologist Mnsr. Transparent, to retrieve an encrypted portrait from the archive of our heavenly father Mnsr. Unpronouncable.

The scribe thought he saw the encrypted portrait in a crypt, that is, where one cannot see (from the Greek word "kryptos", written here as a Reminder of our past, which is where the memory resides). He quickly launched himself to the bottom of the pile in an attempt to pull the portrait out of the archive and return it to his master, who had already purchased a portrait loan from Mnsr. Unpronouncable for the dear price of twenty phonemes, one metonymical joke, and four synechdocal swine. But immediately, that is, without mediation the entire collection of representations, the archive of our heavenly father's sensory experience collapsed on the poor scribe, who still remains there, buried deeper and deeper in portraits of a heavenly influence.