My dad used to tell me that life had a funny way of giving you exactly what you want exactly when it's the least convenient to get it.

Six months ago, I wasn't terribly happy with my job. I was awaiting my Department of Defense Secret-level clearance sitting away from my coworkers with only about 20 hours worth of work to do in each 40 hour week. Suffice it to say, my job satisfaction wasn't breaching any all time highs. My then-fiancée was finishing her bachelor's degree at Illinois State University while I was bored out of my skull eight hours a day in California.

I was introduced to a manager in Colorado through a coworker who was looking for people for a project that was scheduled to start within a few months. The schedule slipped (as schedules are wont to do), and I fell out of contact with the manager.

Skip ahead six months, and I'm married, my wife has a job she likes selling overpriced statues to the rich, my job satisfaction is the highest it's been since college, and I'm in process of applying to graduate school at San José State University (There's $70 down the tubes if we move). We're settled into an overpriced one-bedroom apartment, we've found a supermarket we like, and I've got a new Nintendo DS with three games (1, 2, 3). Life is good.

Since life is good, this manager stops by my office out of the blue and asks if I'm still interested in the transfer. I know that I am, but I'm not certain if we are. I have no desire to tear Mrs. jclast away from her job, and we both like the area. We're anxious to purchase a house which will take years of saving in the Bay Area, but what if she can't find work there?

And just to add to my confusion, my current boss doesn't want to let me go. There may be more money in it for me, but I don't want to be the kid that threatens to leave if he doesn't get a raise. Right now, they're considering just sending me to Colorado as a part of my current department. I like that solution the best because I like my coworkers, and it means I'll get to work with my uncle (who got me the interview for my current job).

We've got a lot to talk about tonight, and it scares me a little that major decisions no longer affect just me. My income and her happiness affect us both. She's worth it; I just didn't think we'd be making decisions like this after only being married for a month.