I had my first job interview in over a year yesterday. I didn't even realize it was an interview until I was told that the job was mine if I wanted it. A few weeks ago, I put in an application to work for AMN. They had openings posted for reviewers and news gatherers. I'll be writing reviews.

The job doesn't pay, but that's not what I'm after right now. I can still list this position as volunteerism on a resumé, and they're something very appealing about seeing "By Justin Last" on an article published to a respected web site. It's one thing for me to present my ramblings to LiveJournal where there are no standards, and it's a completely different thing to present my work here. I don't know why I think having a published article will be so great and different, but I can't wait for my first assignment.

Although the position is unpaid, there is one HUGE perk. AMN staff members get to go to the Electronic Entertainment Expo. As long as I've been aware of E3, I've wanted to see it. I read about it on IGN and Penny Arcade every year, and it seems so far away. Now, if I'm still with AMN a little under a year from now, I'll get to make the trip to Los Angeles and see it for myself. As soon as I realized that some people got compensated for telling others about video games and tech gadgets, I've wanted to give it a shot (who among us that reads Nintendo Power doesn't think that he or she could do it?), and now I have my chance.

I'd like to tell you something, noders. I may have known how to put words to paper before I found this place, but you've started me on the path to being a writer.

Thank you.