As of today I have been alive for 23 years, and I think that today is going to turn out extremely well despite that I have to work all day. My wife got me concert tickets to see Brooks & Dunn next week at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Big & Rich are the opening band. She's not terribly fond of country music, and she hates Big & Rich, but apparently she could see my longing to go every time the disc jockey talked about the concert while she drove me to work. I can't wait (and I think she'll like Brooks & Dunn — they are the CMA duo of the year, after all).

A little over a week ago, we bought a queen-sized bed. It will be quite an upgrade from the full we sleep on now. We only have one set of sheets, but I think that will change at Christmas; she loves Egyptian cotton, and I can take a hint. J.C. Penney will be delivering the bed between 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. today, so we'll get to (hopefully) wake up well rested and comfortable tomorrow.

Also, I'd like to start a new birthday tradition for myself today. Instead of thinking just about what I'm getting that I'm thankful for, I'd like to think about everything that I already have that I should be thankful for. Too Thanksgiving for you? Too bad. It's my birthday, and I'll write what I want to.

    I am blessed with the following wonderful things, and my life would not be the same without them:
  • my wife, Jennifer (who makes every day better)
  • good friends (Julie and Katie have already wished me a happy birthday via LiveJournal)
  • my parents (who phoned Sunday and sent me a warm zipper sweatshirt to use as a coat during San José's winter months)
  • my cat, Brutus (who whines a lot, but at least he's cute)
  • and e2 (who distract me from work and entertain me in the catbox)