I told her to go.

I am getting married soon: August of this year. It scares me a little because I'm young (22 at the time of writing), but I know it's right. I miss the future Mrs. jclast terribly when she's gone, and my primary goal in life is to go through it with her.

Contrary to my primary goal, I currently live in California while she finishes her B.A. in Anthropology at Illinois State University. We both thought this would be best for us. It probably is in the long run. I got a job programming in Silicon Valley, I'm living in a small studio apartment, and I'm saving money. She's getting ready to find a decent-paying job upon graduation. These facts do nothing to console me.

Under ordinary circumstances, we are able to talk for at least a few minutes every day. We usually talk for around an hour, but I'm taking a course in object oriented programming on Thursday nights, so I don't get home until she's about ready to go to bed. This week is different. She's on a geology field trip in Arizona. I told her to go. The trip satisfies a requirement for her geology minor, and how many times does the opportunity to spend a week in Arizona for around $100.00 USD come around? She wasn't sure if she wanted to go at first. She was torn between going to Arizona and spending three times as much money to come spend the week with me. She's excited to see the Saguaro Cactus, though. Saguaro are the sterotypical cactus that you're prone to see in a cartoon that takes place in the desert, but I tend to think of the Cactuars from the Final Fantasy series.

We were able to talk for a few minutes yesterday while her group was driving through Texas. She's glad she went, and she's having a good time. She's geographically closer right now than normal, but Arizona has spotty cell phone coverage at best. This means we won't be able to say so much as "Hello" for the next five days. I had just gotten used to being limited by the phone, and now I miss her all over again.