"Shit!" That was my morning in a nutshell. How stressful is it to lose one's wallet? Most of you are probably thinking about canceling credit cards, making sure there were no fraudulent charges, purchasing a new wallet, etc.. When I lost my wallet this morning, however, I was trying to figure out how to convince United Airlines that I'm not a terrorist. Aside from my work badge, my driver's license is my only form of picture ID. I'm traveling to Illinois to get married in less than two weeks. This is not a flight I can afford to miss.

This all started last Friday. You see, I moved last Friday, and being the natural procrastinator that I am, my new apartment isn't quite up to snuff yet. I've been sleeping on my couch since Friday night. It's actually not too bad; it's a fairly comfortable couch for sleeping. This also means that I've been without a nightstand, and herein lies the problem. When I have a nightstand I know exactly where everything is when I remove it from my pants pockets. Not so anymore. I seem to be flipping between leaving my pocket items (cellular phone, wallet, and keys) on the kitchen counter and the floor next to the couch.

Yesterday, however, I mistakenly left my wallet on the arm of a chair. It fell onto the cushion. I stared to hook up a computer so that I could enter checks in the registry and update my wedding reception attendance. In order to get the monitor and tower in their proper places, some wires needed to be moved. I decided the chair was as good a place as any to put these wires. It was close, convenient, and I just wanted to update my spreadsheets and go to sleep. I got the computer hooked up and realized that I still don't have Internet access ("Hi. I'm jclast, and I'm an Internet addict"). This didn't sit well with me because I just paid over $30.00 to have my telephone service transferred. Don't deal with SBC. The only time the go "beyond the call" is when there's an unguarded pile of money waiting for them. My phone service still doesn't work. I ate the $30.00 and had it cancelled. I'm getting cable Internet. Comcast is fast becoming my favorite utility company.

So I get my spreadsheets updated. By this point it's 11:00 PM. I usually go to bed (couch) around 10:00 PM. I stumble to the couch and fall asleep to a rerun of Family Guy. All is right with the world once again. Until the alarm goes off at 5:00 AM the next day, that is. Oh, how I hate 5:00 AM, but it's the time that allows me to avoid Silicon Valley rush hour traffic in both directions. I don't care. I'm sleeping until 6:00 AM. The alarm blares at me again, and I get up. After washing my hair, getting dressed, and feeding my cat, Brutus, I realize that I can't find my wallet.

I spend the next 90 minutes frantically searching my new one-bedroom apartment. There are only so many places to hide a wallet in a one-bedroom apartment, and I'd convinced myself I'd checked them all. I resign myself to being wallet-less and head to work. I drive extra carefully. How much would it suck to lose your wallet and get pulled over in the same day? Thankfully, I don't know. Yet. I make it to work and try to think rationally.

I decide the best course of action is to cancel my credit cards. After all, if I can't use them, why should anybody else? Thankfully, I only have two and neither of them has been used since my last transaction went through. Then I call my health insurance provider to get another health insurance card. They don't cancel numbers so I just have to be on the lookout for any strange bills that come my way. Yay. I then decide to call and cancel my phone service. I don't want it anymore anyway. SBC kept my $30.00, but I'll never give them any of my money again. Good riddance.

My boss tells me to take the rest of the day as a personal day so that I can get a new license. Oh, shit! California driver's licenses aren't made on the spot like they are in Illinois. It has to be mailed to you. And it took longer than two weeks last time I had one made. The only other picture ID I have is my work badge. Maybe they'll rush mine for an extra charge. I'm not missing my own wedding because I misplaced my wallet. This is not happening.

I get back home to collect my checkbook and Social Security Card. Thank God I finally listened to my Dad and took that out of my wallet. What the...? What's that on the chair under those wires? My wallet. Only after canceling two credit cards and missing four hours of work do I glance over to the chair and see it. Why?

At least I shouldn't have any problems at the airport. Yeesh. What a morning.