I'm very very lucky to see today! On Friday night, as I drove home with my wife (after picking her up from work), we were hit by a little car flying through a red light. Our car spun around 270 degrees and wound up on the sidewalk, about ten feet from a telephone pole, while the other car did a 180 and ended up across the intersection facing back the way it came. Amazingly, no one was hurt. My door was caved in, as was the back door on my side, the rear driver's side window was bent (YES, BENT) at about a 30 degree angle, and my front windshield looked like a checkerboard.

Wow. I felt wonderful just to be able to get up out of my seat. I stretched a few times, and didn't feel too bad! Especially given that my door had reduced the size of my seat substantially. My wife composed herself quickly, and the other driver seemed to be okay, except for the fact that his car will never drive again (the entire front end had been pushed into the glove box!) When we got to talking, it turns out he's a mechanic at the dealership where we bought the car! Not just that, he drives their courtesy vehicle sometimes, and he's picked my wife up before when our car was in for repair - he was always very calm, and very polite.

There was no alcohol involved, and there were no witnesses, so my insurance goes up based on the fact that its his word against mine (privately he admitted he was wrong, but he wouldn't tell that to the cop), but at least my little Honda Civic can be repaired.

When we got home, we realized our fridge was broken and that the milk was solid, and the freezer had melted all over the floor. So much for buying quality products! Honda Civic and Maytag Fridge/Freezer gone same day.