More smoke and mirrors

Thursday March 6, 2003:
Completed about a week long project into the feasibility of lingerd on E2's servers. We had a few libc problems and the EAPI and lingerd patches did not build correctly by default, but our custom version of the software is working and I'm submitting this root log on it. Hopefully it'll remain stable. There is still a lot of performance work to be done. If you have an ecore installation, this and Apache::SizeLimit are really good ideas.

Thursday March 13, 2003:
Changed around usersearchform's checkbox labels to fix a problem with Mac IE5. I /assume/ it's fixed, because I have no way of telling.

Added some cleanups to e2nodelock that fixes up some code a bit, and also adds the reason back to the box if a node is unlocked. This was a request from Gorgonzola.

Changed chatterlight to tell you what room you are talking in, and added a link to Available Rooms to allow you to change it. This is from a suggestion from Splunge.

Added a search box to the ever-popular chatterlight, per call's suggestion.

Wednesday March 20, 2003:
Per m_turner's suggestion in edev: Chatterbox ideas, created squawkbox

Saturday March 22, 2003:
To encourage the use of rooms across the site, people can now see where anyone is if they are in outside, no level restriction. Also, rooms will begin to disappear after two weeks if they have not been used. I added a field to roomdata that is triggered inside of room display page, when you join a room. If someone doesn't actually chat inside of that room, it will go away, and the user will be ejected into outside.

The code for this isn't written yet, because we need two weeks of usage data to begin the cleaning runs

Saturday March 29, 2003:
Applied Lord Brawl's patch to reorder the Epicenter's admin links. Reordered the FAQ links per bones' request.