Um, yeah:



July 7th - Added ability for gods to wipe chatterbox if they need to. This is mainly to prevent very embarassing botched messages from users.

July 24th - Fixed JS error where "Front Pageify" was a JS error, since you can't have spaces in functions.

July 31st - So here's the story. nate did some tinkering on the servers and broke a few things. A good chunk of it is fixed, but something is messy with the old-skool XML feeds, and the slashdot RDF feed, so we'll need to look into it. I messed with: get everything up to speed again. The basic issue is this. Perl got upgraded, so along with it, we're looking at new versions of libapache and In the latest version, there were new quirks that didn't allow $ENV{script_name} to work anymore. That had to be replaced with $query->scriptname in all of the important places. This was a strange behavior that we saw in ecore on newer installs.

There is some leftover wierdness in extended character sets, and we'll be looking at that hopefully soon.

Performance increase to the every-pageload nodelet metacontainer. The message counter used an optimized grep, while all you really needed was a smart and faster regexp. This will shave more cycles off of each pageload.