Februrary 3, 2005: Hello everyone, remember me? As much as I can be, I'm back.

Today we hunted down and destroyed some of E2's bad index problems, which has led to performance enhancements across the board.

MySQL 4.1 - We're on 4.1 now. The list of improvements is large, but it is just overall better.

message (dbtable) - The index now takes into account the majority of message table operations (showmessages, truely), but has dropped the other indexes to keep the optimizer from getting confused. If this is a serious performance problem with other message table items (and we'll know if it'll show up in the slow.log), we'll re-arrange them. Even my inbox (3k messages big), only takes something like .03 seconds to fish messages out of.

searchwords (dbtable) - For some obtuse reason I indexed the tables way, way wrong, and realized that MySQL can't collate indexes. We now have a 20-char multicolumn index, after which I haven't seen a search with 5+ words take more than a second. Works for me

links (dbtable) - The old firmlink index was brain-damaging the index I put in the other day, so now it's all a lot faster

Those are the big three performance problems as I see them right now. The next thing I'm going to fix up is the new writeups hell. There are some really, really easy optimizations that we can make to it that don't involve freezing data structures like I'm doing right now. This will also fix the editor nodelet vs. real nodelet lag.