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jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.9.2002
n: Rearranged scratch pads to allow for larger pads and to help with lag reduction (because of less evaling with $VARS, page times should be slightly faster). The information was all backed up and back imported. Lots more information as to why, etc at the newsified doc:

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.10.2002
Completely overhauled the XML subsystem. displaytype=xmltrue is now in play. There will be a separate writeup on the whole interface for clientdev. The entire gist of this is that the whole thing is in beta, and interfaces are subject to change, so make stuff nice and modular. We have DTDs but not all of them are good yet. I want to use schemas, but that's coming soon. Basically enough is done to unblock fuzzie's work on the e2client core. Explainations as to what all of this is, and why everything was changed coming soon Phew. Maybe a clientdev doc coming tonight, but more later.

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.11.2002
Put together the documentation for the new XML interfaces. Sure, it's a writeup, but it's notable enough to list here.

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.13.2002 Two new toys for today. One of which is for WolfDaddy's project E2 Family Tree, and the other is just a superdoc with which rooms are available located at Available Rooms (I was going to make a new ticker out of it for fuzzie, but I'll make a general consumption superdoc first. All things considered, I'm happy with both.

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.14.2002

More ticker work. This time it's the Available Rooms XML Ticker. This is to add XML parity to Available Rooms Added employment in the user strings section of our XML export. Thanks to fuzzie

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.15.2002

Applied a patch for insanefuzzie to formxml_user so that it gives all the information needed to be a fully qualified writeup display. I whacked the patch, because it's in play now.

Spotted a major security flaw in ecore. Spent most of the day patching that and quietly spreading the word. If you have an ecore installation of pre-1.0, please let me know, and I'll give you the security "fix" for it.
  • Not listing a change until known installations are patched

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.16.2002

In formxml_user.. duh. s/\$USER/\$NODE/g;

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.17.2002

Performed maintenance on the message table, largely consisting of me trying to empty out my inbox. I shit you not. I have approximately 2% of the messages on the system. I need to clean that up. Okay, other than that, I removed the JavaScript size warning. Thanks to panamaus and many others who pointed it out. Also we phased out the var in everyone's settings so that people wouldn't select it anymore, since it DOESN'T DO ANYTHING. Changed around the link display in the Search interface, because fuzzie whined. Actually, no, here's the story. I was going to use another tag there, because in the beginning it was really going to include type information, but that's not provided in a convenient header. It'll have to be arranged if there is ever a type-nuetral search, but oh well

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.18.2002

Created a new ticker for editor cools, mostly to fuel my new bot for #everything. You can add on to the URL a count=# parameter of anything between zero and fifty. It defaults to ten, however. jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.20.2002

Fixed a security bug in formxml_user. If $$NODE{node_id} == $$NODE{node_id}. I really hope that'd never fail. Thanks for fuzzie for pointing it out. Made the adminbar have a displaytype for xmltrue. I'll move it into the developer nodelet later. Mainly to save my typing.

jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.21.2002

Fixed a bug pointed out to me in the message opcode that would display HTML exactly as you rendered it. So if you typed /msg jb <img src="foo" /> you'd get the HTML exactly as you put it out. Thanks to Roninspoon for the bug report. Stupid code was in the message opcode. Solved a mildly recurring problem with homenodes in that the last writeup link would sometimes be broken (those maintenances can and do fail to update). For the occasional time that does happen, you can now click repair to repopulate that box with the most current. Added a new debugger for coder admins to work on opcodes. This will make debugging a mile easier. jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.22.2002

Fixed a bug found by rischi that would make the (r) link in the chatterbox not work on certain themes on E2 Scratch Pad. I think I fixed it. It bothered me no end that the items in create node weren't in alphabetical order. There. Done. It's also faster now too. jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.24.2002

Over the last two days, I added a system for schema's and later on XSLT stuff. This will be of use to the IE 5.5+ and NS6+ folks. Until then, this will also be of use to other generic XML parsers. We aren't ditching the DTD stuff, but that will as well be externalized, to make parsing easier (and data downloads smaller). For this set of feature goodness, we added a few items: I also overhauled the messaging XML tickers to be more convenient and faster. The private message XML ticker and the Chatterbox XML ticker is now combined into this ticker for ease, simplicity of formatting and removal of links. By default, links come parsed. If you want them unparsed, you can apply the standard links_noparse; When parsing these tickers, PLEASE use a good sleep time and also only use differential tickerness.
    The ticker takes four parameters:
  • msglimit => Message limit takes a msg_id of the lowest message that you want to receive messages greater than (it will not include said message). This means you can poll for new messages in either the chatterbox or the private message and not do a huge strain on the server. This attribute applies first above all others. It's a good idea to try to stay in sync with the message stream. This is not gaurenteed to work, because while you may suggest a steam starting point, if haven't checked the chatterbox in a while, you may have missed a bunch of messages, and thus will only get them the 5 or 10 minutes back, according to the backtime paramter.
  • for_node => The node for which to retrieve the messages. You can either pass it the node_id or the word "me". If you pass it "me", it's assumed that you want your private messages. If you do not give it anything, it will assume that you want the messages for outside. The node for node_id=0 is considered to be outside, even if it really isn't anything. You can pass it in a room's node id from the Available Room XML Ticker, and it will get you that room, as long as you have entered that room. (there is currently no XML method for doing so, but that will change in the future).
  • backtime => Pass backtime the number of minutes back that you want to read messages from. When reading from the chatterbox, you can only read in 5 or ten minute increments. You can pass it numbers larger than that if you want to read from your message inbox.
  • nosort => By default, messages that are passed to you are in chronological order, as you would see them in the message inbox or in the chatterbox. However, you can choose this option to release the sorting, thus making the pageloads faster. If you choose to do so, they can be in whatever order mySQL will give them to you. This will help speed up load times, but it assumes that you client will sort them. It is up to client writers to figure out what they want to do with them.
  • links_noparse => Everyone's favorite link parsing suppression mechanism is yet again still good here. If you pass this a 1, you will keep links from being converted into <a href=... format. They will retain their normal look, if you choose to do the parsing by hand.
Hopefully this will simply all of the needs of people for message XML tickerage. Also, because we've completely overhauled the messaging ticker, all submitted patches for the old ticker are going away at some point tonight. jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.25.2002

I suppose this stuff counts for the 25th, but hey, here we go. First off, patch cleanup, as promised:
I patched the node emailing system for EDR that would break certain mail readers (Eudora and squirrelmail to name two). In emailReport.pl:
      #jb says patched this here to quote the URLS
      #as I think it was breaking some mail clients

Added superdoc support to our increasing XML-age of database objects. This will return you EXACTLY what you would see had you executed the document, including all form objects (encoded of course). This could be for better, or for worse, but that is how it is. This was requested by insanefuzzie for some documents such as Golden Trinkets, that really don't have an export equivalent or what not. Please have second thoughts on using this to generate something heavily formatted, such as Message Inbox. Sourceforge bug on this item now listed as fixed. Deleted an old ebug entry by dannye regarding tonight's fix:
We now have a ticker for Everything's Best Users. It was designed to use some of the same elements found in homenodes, so that should be easy enough to use. Also, it takes a parameter ebu_noadmins which turns on or off the display of EBU users who also happen to be e2gods. This preference is independant of the $VARS setting, mostly because it's late and I couldn't get it to stick. This returns 50, just like the document. Sourceforge bug now listed as closed. And now because I realized how easy it would be after moaning about it myself in the chatterbox, if you have reply links turned on in the chatterbox (check your Preferences for details), then you now should see an (ra) link if you are going to reply to a group message. That should be a time saver. jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.26.2002

Changed message inbox to display only the groups you have messages from if you have the sort my Message Inbox pref in your user settings (WHICH YOU SHOULD, FOOL). Okay. That was bugging me. Added reputation up and down support, and C! support to writeups in xmltrue. Closed SF bug. Exports <groupmembership> on homenodes now. Closed SF bug. jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.27.2002
Cleaned up the Universal Message Ticker so that Guest Users can get to it (like the other message ticker), and that it includes room and topic information if you're in a room Created an export for the current XML interfaces. This will allow us to handle the deployment of new interfaces. The XML interfaces ticker includes a this parameter, in case it's not the most recent XML Interface for interfaces, if that makes any sense. Added a huge patch from Teiresias to Everything Quote Server II. Eventually, it'll all be rolled into one big happy quote servery thing. jaybonci@everything2:~> rootlog --2.28.2002
Added the ability for clientdev people to register their clients. There's a big o' chunk of information on it at clientdev: Registering a client, but the generally gist of it is you can use E2 to force updates of your clients, if you wanna keep up with our registry. Convenient and easy. Also, it's a way of doing announcements and such on the projects as they continue, sort of. The configs for all of them are exported through Client Version XML ticker. It was also added as an official export.