Hi everyone. My name's Jay. I'm a "god" around these parts for one reason or another, and I handle a lot of the "bulk" stuff. I don't normally log the occasional thing I remove from this here database, but I thought this was important, and that this is the best place for it. This is a public service message for those people who get kinda panicked when they see large numbers in the stats of nodes being wiped out. Last time there was a little bit of confusion when a lot of stuff got killed.

Tonight we lost ~2400 writeups. This means we're gonna have some sort of huge decificit when we cash in our arbitrary node stats tomorrow. In a couple of days, we'll be out about that many nodeshells, as the writeups dissapate, and our trusty gnomes remove the nodeshells.


Dann asked for his Macintosh Error Lookup guide, and a large chunk of his contribution to ECED to be removed. This was his choice, and I merely pulled the trigger. Dann should be publicly praised for working closely with the gods, and providing us with all of the valuable data to make this happen in the manner it did. My thanks as an administrator go out to him. Again, this was his decision, and I support him wholly for it. Dann, you are awesome. (daileph is also dann). Thank you.

We are out 2400 nodes tonight. By request: