1124 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139-1445
Phone: (617)354-7536
A Brazilian steakhouse in Inman Square best known for its all-you-can-eat lunches and dinners. These buffets feature the standard green salad, along with more unusual dishes like black beans to put over rice, and fried plantain. This is all just a side dish, because people who go there and order the buffet (US$19 as of November 5, 2001) go for the meat.

Once you get your plate and sit down, waiters with foot-long skewers will approach your table, every 5-10 minutes, and ask if you would like some of the particular meat that they are offering. At your request, they will carve off slices until you tell them to stop.

The selections during the two times I have been were: beef, pork, chicken, chicken hearts, kielbasa, and spicy saugsage. The beef and pork have been particularly good. They don't have alot of beers to chose from, but the Guarana soda is good. The mango ice cream made a nice light dessert after all the carnivorous goodness.

The place probably seats fewer than one hundred, but is not too hard to get seated on Sundays, when I've gone. The atmosphere is a mildly exotic, with dark wood, cow heads and hides, and Brazilian singers over-amplified. Not the best place for conversation. The average customer age looks to be mid 30's. This place knows how to promote itself. Look for special offers, as discounts up to 20% are not hard to achieve on your second visit.

After two trips, I still have yet to figure out the name. It just sounds like the place should be from Kansas. Perhaps this is because I have never been to Brazil. If anyone has a clue please let me know. I'll see what the waitress has to say next time I go.