This dream begins with one of my real life roommates (who also is a coworker) and I preparing for a big roadtrip. Except that it's not really us two, rather some people who are supposed to be us but don't resemble us at all. Maybe some actors who are playing us in my dream. Anyways, we're getting ready for a roadtrip to an undefined destination. I think we were leaving from Massachusetts, and it was supposed to take us 5 days to reach our destination, so I'm guessing we were heading to the West Coast.
So we're packing all kinds of stuff, water, food, CDs, etc. into the back of some large metallic aqua colored Ford pickup. (I know of no such vehicle IRL) It has a covered truck bed, making it suitable for storing lots of stuff. Strangely enough it seems to have two rows of seats as we're taking a baby along with us. It is placed in its car seat in the front, with the other passenger riding in another seat further back. Apparently we weren't paying attention to the warnings not to put your babies in the front seat. There's no sense of the baby belonging to either of us, it's just something else we're bringing along on the roadtrip.
The other odd thing about this truck is that there seems to be nothing under the hood. Where the dashboard is usually opaque and solid, we can open doors set in it to access the hood compartment. In addition, there's a green glass brick (the kind used to build glass brick walls out of) set in the middle of the dashboard, so we can see that there is really no engine in front. This doesn't concern us though, so I guess there must have been an engine somewhere else in the vehicle.
Eventually we're done packing and we set off down the road. However we have to drive through Mexico at some point, and they start searching through all our stuff, checking to see if we're drug smugglers or carrying something else illegal. We're not, so we don't worry. They find a couple six packs of Coca-cola which they take for themselves. In addition they find a big jar of baby food, so they open it, pour off half for themselves, and put it back. We're a little alarmed by this, since we brought the coke for them to take (neither of us drink it) but we didn't expect them to take our babyfood. We'll just have to buy more. After they finished, and we drove away, I woke up.

Real life connections:
I currently live in Massachusetts, and commute daily with this roommate of mine. In addition we've taken a number of roadtrips (although none to the West Coast). I've been rebuilding an old Jeep I have, so that might explain the curious state of the pickup we were driving. I remember a part in the Cryptonomicon in which Randall Waterhouse is traveling into the interior of the Philippines and brings a large number of batteries along with him for the local patrols to take, as a way of smoothing their passage.