I have just returned home from scenic Champaign, Illinios, having seen the first Chicago Bears football game played downstate.

As is the usual, I wore my costume of 'the girl bear', black fur miniskirt, brown fur tank top, bear ears, black leather collar and black combat boots. Little did I know it was going to be close to a hundred degrees. I figured in September, we'd have a little brisk Autumn breeze. My friend Ann was dressed as a Viking, black rubber bodice, brown miniskirt, FULL CAPE, black boots and Viking Horns.

We were hot. In every sense of the word. It paid off, however, since we were sitting in the front row of the stadium, having our pictures taken by sports photographers and being videotaped by NFL Films. Sure we got nosebleeds and heat stroke...sure we were sunburnt and dehydrated. It was worth it to see my future lover Brian Urlacher in action, to see the Bears win the 'home' opener to start another miraculous Playoff bound season, to continue a three year tradition, and to spend a weekend with my good friends Joe and Ann, even if they ARE Minnesota fans.

I think I will go lay in the tub and take a nap now. Go Bears.