When I was growing up, I used to go to my Grandma's house for weeks at a time in the summer. She lived in Chicago and I lived in Rochester, New York. There was a huge cardboard box in the finished basement that was filled to the brim with old comic books, Mad magazines from its hey day in the late sixties and seventies, joke books and a few issues of Cracked.

After a day full of swimming in her gorgeous, in ground pool, and eating liversausage and mayonnaise sandwiches on the patio while the Cubs played on WGN, I used to put on my terry cloth cover up and go down into the basement for a Tahitian Treat and my annual rereading of all of the magazines. I wouldn't watch t.v., wouldn't eat, wouldn't go to bed. I just read and read and read these magazines that I'd read a hundred times before.

The one I remember the most, though, was a small Wonder Woman comic book entitled "Wonder Woman Battles the Elements" (I THINK). It featured Wonder Woman fighting four other women, one made of water, one made of fire, one made of air and one made of earth. And their costumes were GORGEOUS. Water, in particular, I remember, was a filmy, aqua colored mermaid/fairy number that I longed to duplicate for a Halloween costume.

Anyway, my grandmother threw the box of stuff out when I turned seventeen and went to college...and I've never been able to find that comic book anywhere since. It is my Holy Grail.