OK, I'll take the time. Many of you have mentioned in private messages that you liked my writeup in the Vicodin node. Turns out that the shit really hit the fan after I recently had a baby. My back pain got worse after I gave birth and round about February, my doctor put me on Oxycontin with Percoset for breakthrough pain. She started me out at 40mgs a day. Four months later I was a straight up junkie taking 400mgs a day, saving my Percoset until I ran out of Oxycontin, then binging on Percoset until I could get my Oxycontin again. 400mgs A DAY, and my doctor had no problem continuing to prescribe it, claiming that it was very common to build up a quick tolerance.

I was falling asleep at work, having nightmares, talking in my sleep, murdering my liver and being a terrible mother to my beautiful, beautiful miracle of a daughter. She is the reason I stopped.

I quit taking Oxycontin cold turkey. From 400mgs to zero in one day. The withdrawal is the closest to hell I hope I'll ever be. Uncontrollable shaking, weeping, vomiting, cold sweats, immeasurable pain in every cell as my body tried to make me take more narcotics. The doctor told me I could have had a heart attack or a stroke from quitting cold turkey and that it was very dangerous. I had to take medical leave from work for a week, take Valium just to sleep through the night, take Clonidine to keep my heart working correctly and muscle relaxants to keep my muscles from twitching so hard that I once fell off the couch as I slept. I finally felt halfway normal about ten days after stopping.

I don't regret it for a minute. Do I miss the feeling of euphoria? Definitely. But I guess I'm not meant to feel that way unless it can be achieved naturally.