It's so fun to be excited after months of being depressed. I officially 'launched' my own small business yesterday, mass mailing, business cards, all that crap. I've got an appointment with the tax man, the insurance man...I'm really doing it. I'm going to be a personal chef.

Of course, I still have to have my day job, my dreary office hell, and I'm not fooling myself that this endeavor will make me a millionaire, but if there's one thing I'm good at in this whole crazy mixed up world, it's cooking, and cooking for other people, and cooking for a crowd. Further, there aren't many things I toot my own horn about, but I'm proud of my cooking, as it was something I grew up learning from the day my mom gave me a little pie pan and pastry scraps.

I have a theatre benefit to cater on Saturday, and people have expressed a great interest in having me make dinners and breakfasts for them, particularly the actor types I hang out with, who eat at McDonald's every night and for just a few bucks more could have some nice fresh lasagna, a green salad and garlic bread.

Besides, my gynecologist said that the minute I throw myself into other things, and focus my mind on other things, will no doubt be the moment I find out I'm pregnant, so off I seek my happiness at the ripe old age of thirty. Good golly, wish me luck.