It seems that every time I saunter, or SURF, as the kids say, into E2, something happens that reminds me of yet another sexual preference of mine. And really, that wasn't my intention in joining this place. I'm a member of several other message boards and I dislike nothing more than the chicks that come in and rant on and on about how they love to give blow jobs and spread the cum all over their tits and then they have nothing more to say, but they think it's so progressive and shocking to talk about their sex lives.


Just in stopping by the chatterbox or getting private messages or whatever, it seems that many noders are reading my mind. It's freaking me out man. They're speaking German, they're talking about smoking, they're talking about hockey...they're talking about bondage, they're calling me 'little girl' which just makes me CRAZY TURNED ON. All I need now is for a bunch of firefighters to come in and chat about their latest bi-sexual gangbang.

I mean, let me just say...I'm a pretty smart gal. I know a lot about a lot of just so happens you guys have triggered the sex stuff early.

Just wanted you to know...I have a ton to offer.

If you know what I mean