It really is sort of amazing how a pair of pants can ruin your day. I wore these pants a year ago; a kicky pair of cut off khakis that made me look like a sun-kissed yachting girl, a teen queen at summer camp, or some such shit. Then today, being at the very bottom of the pile of clean clothes, I was forced, a year later, to put them on and wear them to work.

Not only was the waist tight, so tight as to leave an attractive, blood constriction pink marking on my skin, but it gave me a cameltoe that you could not only smuggle a deck of cards in, but was quite frankly, painful. Even walking around with my stomach completely sucked in, did no good. I was a chubby corporate gal trying to be a summer camp vixen

So I had to face it. I've become a big fat cow. So big fat cow am I, that I was forced to go to Filene's Basement to purchase a pair of yoga pants and some shorts on sale, two sizes larger than the shorts that had ruined my day.

Of course I'm more comfortable now...but what does that matter? I'm still fatter than I was last year. I'm obsessed with my weight. My therapist says I may have an eating disorder. I just laugh. Wouldn't it be my luck. To have an eating disorder without the side effect of LOSING WEIGHT.