Well, this is exciting!

Now that the official Terror Status is lowered to Yellow, our lives are opened to a multitude of freedoms and release from the bondage of fear. Why, now that we are simply ELEVATED: emotionally and physiologically in terms of terror, the gates swing wide for debauchery and free will.

We can now have wild, unprotected sex with citizens of many nations.
We can stop boiling our tap water to kill toxins
We can move safely about the cabin
We can stand at the top of tall buildings and cry "In your face, Terrorists!"
We can mail Smarties to our friends without fear of them being crushed in transit
We can buy humorous, novelty bombs and send them to our friends with a small note reading "Just kidding!"

So get out there, enjoy the fresh air of a world where we only have to SLIGHTLY worry about being annihilated.