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I am really friendly, very open minded, intelligent, unreserved, eccentric, redundant, silly, genuinely enthusiastic by nature, often indecisive, spontaneous and impulsive to a fault, opinionated, tolerant, observant, complex, controlling, modest, creative, irresposible, lazy, interdependent, considerate, encouraging, inspiring, sincere, compassionate, meticulous, artistic, musically gifted, frequently cynical, facetious,sarcastic (but mainly to idiots), so.... I am a mix of contradictions, and I have learned to embrace most of them, but not the most important ones. Not really ready to give them all up yet, cuz I like some of my character defects, fond of them, even. I am not one to pursue friendships or relationships but if people need ME or need someone to talk to or if they need someone to make sense of their life, I am here for them. I try to think logically and I am continuously looking for reason and seeking ways to help others and solve their problems more than my own. I am open minded more than most people I know, and try to be as honest as possible. I will lie when it's necessary, but I prefer to lay my cards out on the table so there are no surprises. I do keep some things to myself and I might tell you and I might not. Depends on you. Make sure when you ask me questions, that you are prepared for the answer. Cuz you may be sorry you asked. I try to take the middle path in my life between excess and absence. I don't like people who slander other people's names or people that destroy people's happiness. I can't stand vindictive people, or people that restrict me from doing as I please. Keeping me from things I love fucking pisses me off and I will probably sock you in the head a few times if you try. I am a hitter. I will ask alot of questions because I seek knowledge on things that interest me. I am fascinated with some people's stories and theories and different opinions and common interests. I learn from people and people make the world go round. I admit I don't care for EVERYBODY. I am very selective about who I hang with and who I give the time of day. Sometimes I am WRONG about who I have selected too. I try to figure people out and find out what makes people tick. I can read most people pretty well and these days, I usually know who I am dealing with because I spent a great percentage of my life trying to figure people out and what makes people do the things they do. To be honest with you, I don't really know how alot of them cross the street. I am better at solving other people's problems than my own. For some reason I do not apply these same solutions and ways of thinking to my own life. I even lie to myself, unfortunately. Who doesn't? I have no patience for people with no common sense. I have tact, empathy, compassion and a kind gentle heart if I like you and most people trust me....if not at first....they will eventually. There ARE ones that don't. Some for good reason, past errors I have made and shit. The others with trust issues have just had bad experiences. I hate to say....that I am one of them, at times. I have gotten through most of these things and I am still working on the rest.