Pedro Salinas
La voz a ti debida


You always live in your actions.
With the point of your fingers
you strum the world, you pull out
dawns, triumphs, colors,
joys: it is your music.
Life is what you play.

From your eyes, only from them,
comes the light that guides your
steps. You walk
towards what you see. Nothing more.

And if a doubt signals
you at ten million kilometers,
you abandon everything, you hurl
over prows, upon wings,
you are already there; with kisses,
with teeth you tear:
already it isn't doubt.
You can never doubt.

Because you have altered the mysteries
from behind. And your enigmas,
that which you will never understand,
are these things so clear:
the sand, where you stretch out,
the march of your clock
and the tender, pink body
that you encounter in your mirror
every day at rising,
and is yours. The marvels
that are deciphered already.

And never were you mistaken
more than once, a night
that you were captured by a shadow
--the only that you have liked--.
A shadow appeared.
And you wanted to embrace it.
And it was I.

translated by jandradt